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Physics Quiz 6

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    A pendulum Bob executes simple harmonic motion. which value is maximum and the bob is in the mean position?

    • Time period
    • Mass of two particle
    • Amplitude
    • Velocity
  • Question of

    The scientist who discovered the relation between electricity and magnetic effect

    • Oersted
    • Ampere
    • Laplace
    • Ohm
    • Ohm
  • Question of

    For a transversely vibrating string the frequency of vibration is directly proportional to

    • Linear density
    • Its length
    • The load
    • None of these
  • Question of

    The Exclusive principle was proposed by

    • Pascal
    • Plank
    • Einstein
    • Pauli
  • Question of

    The momentum of a body of mass metal moving with constant velocity is

    • mv^2
    • m^2 v
    • mv
    • m/v
  • Question of

    The period of oscillation of simple pendulum is

    • decreases with length
    • is independent of length
    • increases with length
    • increases with amplitude
    • increases with amplitude
  • Question of

    The weight of the body at the centre of the Earth is

    • Infinite
    • Slightly less than at the poles
    • Slightly less than at the equator
    • zero
  • Question of

    Rainbow is caused by

    • Interference
    • Diffraction
    • Total internal reflection
    • Dispersion
  • Question of

    Water drops are spherical because of its

    • Viscosity
    • Surface tension
    • Density
    • Polarity
  • Question of

    Loudness of sound produced by a vibrating string is directly proportional to

    • Amplitude
    • Square of the amplitude
    • Frequency
    • Vibrating length

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